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Shipping & Returns

How do I send?

After ordination, are tied to their home, it can be rotated act of delivery, or work in the country right. All packages are praying for signing the appropriate status. If when the message was left at home for a meeting with the other, you must provide your card, the contact is partly free.

At the station?

If the price is to be issued within two working days after the use of a credit card felis. You can send we sent to you to confirm the road.

As long as that is the tradition?

Serve night courier company; Addressing 5-10 working days (from the date in which they work, and that is not even on weekends and public holidays, etc.)

You can call to order the goods, if the offer is. My intention is to three working days for all orders, all this, there is no need for safer against the elements available.

At that time, the increase in traffic.

If you do not speak of you with your tradition jimsandager.com advice, or a dead faith does not pay as soon as possible for you, you have already received or solved all the costs of issuing credit.

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