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Exchange and Return Policy

You will not be displayed in response to the defective products or colors, or for other reasons, otherwise you can ask for silver and return the same to the refund request.

They are that you can perform, it had to be a new product (not shooting) corresponding to the packaging and labeling.

To do this, return within 30 days calendar, you can buy the game www.lensa.co.uk website.

Your details link to lensa.co.uk "My Account", if Once the application is approved, you will receive a confirmation of the order of the number of e-mail.

Go back on what to purchase ?
Purchase sites lensa.co.uk exchange or refund within 30 days

Similarly, you can return the defective product workmanship situation is to work for the first three months after purchase lensa.co.uk site.

The lack of need to replace the product, how much?
And, if you purchase 3 months from the day the damage lensa.co.uk to buy

The state was born, exchange or refund?
The product is in charge of the new subscription (wear) original. Remember, the enclosed purchased benchmark.

I sent for I have to wait ELIT /> shelter, if you need time?
Recovery agrees to seven days.

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